Detectable Warning Tape



Corrosion resistant, detectable warning tapes are designed for the Protection & Location of non-metallic or low metal underground cables and pipes. The detectability of these tapes provide the operator on the job site a more simplified method of locating buried cables & pipes.

Detectable tapes consist of reinforced type Aluminum Foil core with PE/PVC Lamination that provides sufficient strength to avoid tearing and to prevent separation of the layers by hand.

The material & ink color will not change when exposed to alkalis, acids and other destructive chemical variation commonly found in the soil.

PRODUCT COLOUR CODES: (As per International Standard):


Water Supply:           BLUE/BLACK

Water Line Buried Below

Buried Irrigation Line Below

Sewer Line/Storm Line:    GREEN/BLACK

Buried Storm Water Line

Fire Water Line:         RED/BLACK

Fire Water Line Buried Below

Electrical Line:         RED/BLACK

Telephone Line:        ORANGE/BLACK

Gas Line:                   YELLOW/BLACK

Standard Roll Sizes:

50mm (W) x 125(T) x 305mtrs (L)

150mm (W) x 125µ (T) x 305mtrs (L)

100mm (W) x 125µ (T) x 305mtrs (L)

300mm (W) x 150µ (T) x 305mtrs (L)

75mm (W) x 125µ (T) x 305mtrs (L)

NOTE: Different detectable tapes can be supplied on customer’s request of size, length, color, thickness & printing matters.

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