Cuplock Scaffolding


The Cuplock Scaffolding System is a multipurpose unique node point connection Scaffolding System that can be used for all buildings & construction industries with easy access and supports. It provides major time as well as money saving in erection and dismantling at sites. For more info please contact us

                   CUPLOCK SYSTEM & ACCESSORIES:

1 Standard: Vertical Vertical standards are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. tube. They have cup joints at 500mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are designed to endure rough site handling and welded bottom cups are made from high-quality steel. We offer our range of Vertical Standard in different sizes.  cuplock-scaffolding
2 Ledger: The Ledgers are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. pipe with forged steel blade ends which locate into bottom cups of the standards and are locked in place by the corresponding top cups. We offer our range of Horizontal Ledgers in varied sizes and capacities to meet various requirements of clients.    ledger  
3 Transom: Transoms are used where distance between vertical standards exceeds the span of scaffold boards. Transoms are available in various lengths.  transom
4 Base Plate: This is mostly used with the Universal Jack, to leveling the vertical standards on uneven surfaces.  baseplate
5 CupLock Accessories: Top Cup: Casted, 48mm  topcup
6 Bottom Cup: Pressed, 29 x 4mm  bottomcup
7 Ledger Blade L Forged, 48mm  ledgerblade

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