Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel is a kind of sandwich panel with two thin Aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core.

Aluminum composite panels are very commonly used for external building facade cladding as well as interior decoration. Uses include wall panelling, ceiling and partitions, soffits and beams, canopies, shop fronts and signage etc.

Due to their availability in numerous colors and finishes, they are an architect/interior designer’s material of choice for any kind of project.


Thickness: 4mm.

Width:  1240mm and 1250 mm.

Length:  5800mm and 5600mm.

Product Tolerance:

Width:  +/- 2mm.

Length:  +3mm.

Thickness:  +/- 0.2mm.

Squareness:  Greater than or equal to 5

Bow:  Max 0.5%

Color Palette:

Metallic Colors

Metallic Colors

Solid Colors (Semi Gloss)

Solid Colors (Semi Gloss)

Solid Colors 2(Semi Gloss)

Solid Colors (High Gloss)

Solid Colors (High Gloss)

Please Note:

  1. Actual colors are slightly different than seen above.
  2. Customized colors can be made on special order for a minimum quantity of 1000 m2.


For local supply or export of saudi building materials.